New online learning resources for Junior School Donvale

The Junior School Donvale library has long provided a wonderful collection of books, printed materials and, more recently, a diverse and popular range of online and interactive resources that enhance the learning experience. This year, with your support, we can raise the funds we need to subscribe to REDeLEARN, an online resource for children in middle to upper year levels.

Siobhan Roulston, Head of Junior School Library (Donvale Campus) is enthused about the potential for REDeLEARN to add value to learning experience of Carey students:

'It can be used in class on our students' iPads, in the library or at home; it is easy to use and closely aligned to Australian Curriculum topics; and teachers have access to student usage statistics to help them track the search behaviour of their class.' 

As well as providing access to a broad range of age-appropriate information, REDeLEARN protects our young students from the undesirable content available across the internet. It is a safe, reliable and comprehensive resource that allows students to conduct accurate research without risk.

REDeLEARN is also installing a new feature shortly enabling text-to-speech functionality, which is an inclusive initiative that will be invaluable for students who speak English as an additional language and any other students who need reading support. 

Every gift of any size will help us make this initiative a reality and ensure REDeLEARN is in place for our students next year.

Thank you for your support for our young learners and our wonderful library program at our Donvale campus. For further information, contact Stuart Galbraith, Head of Advancement, on +61 3 9816 1522 or