Expanding Junior School Kew classroom book collections

With your support in Community Giving this year, we hope to extend our collection of books available in the Prep to Year 4 classrooms, as well as broadening the curated sections of the Junior School Kew library for Year 5 and 6 students.

Jacqui Douglas, Head Teacher Librarian at Junior School Kew, says she's excited for the increase in interest and motivation for reading and the love for literature developed by broadening the collection of non-fiction books. Jacqui explains how these resources will be distributed for the greatest impact:

'The classroom collections for Prep to Year 4 students will be rotated to other classes at the end of each term, meaning our younger students have greater access to a wider range of texts to support their independent reading.

'Year 5 and 6 book collections will be housed in the library due to their broader range of interests for non-fiction texts and their need for more suitable fiction texts. We also encourage our older students to explore the greater library collection as well as content in the Senior School library.'

Our target for Community Giving this year is to raise the equivalent of $250 for new non-fiction books for each class. In subsequent years, our intention is to further expand classroom collections with chapter books, picture books and graphic novels.

Thank you for your support for our young learners and our wonderful library program at our Kew Junior School campus. For further information, contact Stuart Galbraith, Head of Advancement, on +61 3 9816 1522 or advancement@carey.com.au