Building a better future

Carey is committed to providing opportunities for every student to thrive, especially in these challenging times. As such, we are delighted to announce a number of important projects that will have an immediate impact on the learning and development of our students. In 2022, these projects include Solar Panels at Camp Toonallook, an Access and Equity Scholarship, classroom book collections and online learning resources for Carey Donvale. You can read more about these projects below.

Every gift of any size will help us to make these students-focused initiatives a reality and all gifts are tax deductible.

Building a sustainable
Camp Toonallook

By installing solar panels at Camp Toonallook and helping Carey reduce its carbon footprint, we can practically demonstrate to our students that we are working to achieve a more sustainable future.

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Access and Equity Scholarship

The Access and Equity Scholarship will provide a life-changing education for a student experiencing hardship or disadvantage as well as demonstrating our school's social justice values and enriching our community

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Carey Donvale's Online Learning Resources

With your support, Junior School Donvale students will benefit from REDeLEARN, a new online resource designed to work with the Australian Curriculum which can be safely used at school or at home.

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Classroom Book Collections

You can help Junior School Kew students to engage at school and develop a lifelong love of literature by contributing to a broader collection of accessible and age-appropriate non-fiction books.

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