Transform the lives of disadvantaged students

Childhood was challenging for Sarah Pe, whose parents are Karen refugees from Myanmar. Her family struggled for survival, moving from village to village to avoid persecution and the civil war. They eventually resettled in Melbourne, where she was born.

'Growing up was difficult as I felt I didn't really fit in to either my heritage or the Australian culture. Since coming to Carey, my confidence has been boosted and I have been able to explore my passions and creativity through community service, art and music. Being School Community Captain was a thrill for me, helping demonstrate my capacity for leadership and making a difference.' – Sarah Pe (2018) 

Sarah received financial support from the Carey community to undertake her education at our school. Her story inspires us to continue to provide opportunities to incredible young people through community-funded scholarships.

Last year, with the generous support of the Carey community, we were able to fully fund our first ever Access and Equity Scholarship for a student experiencing hardship or financial disadvantage. Now, we need your help to provide another life-changing opportunity for a deserving student, like Sarah, who would not otherwise be able to attend Carey.

The Access and Equity scholarship provides an important and practical demonstration of our school's social justice values. It provides learning and life opportunities that not only benefit the recipient, but also enrich our whole school community.

Read more about Sarah's story and other inspiring young alumni who recently received this scholarship and a life changing education at Carey.

For further information, contact Stuart Galbraith, Head of Advancement, on + 61 3 9816 1522 or